Hello and welcome to Two Ivy, I always knew that when I started out I wanted this to be something really simple. I didn't want to over complicate it, I didn't want banners and moving parts. Just a basic website, easy to use and navigate and simple content. I think looking back over it, thats exactly what I got. 

Anyhow, Welcome to Two Ivy.

Im Kylie, I am from a small town in Nottinghamshire and have lived here all my 32 years to date. Some people hate it, some people love it, to me its the town I was born in, where I grew up and where all the people I love are. I live with my partner Tom and our two dogs Monty and Maia.     

My biggest passion is reading, I started Two Ivy because I wanted to share my love of reading with the world via reviews and recommendations. Theres a few posts around travel, movies, TV and Disney, some of my other passions but reading is the main one for me.

There is something about reading that you just cant get from any other hobby, the feeling you get when your so absorbed in a story that you make your own mind up about what the characters look like, what they sound like, how they act etc. Only a truly good book can take you to a place, even if only momentarily and make you forget about everything going on around you. I love that reading can take you somewhere, it can instil fear, jealousy, rage and even sadness and heartache within, whilst also being able to make you feel love, compassion, happiness and warmth. 

So put the kettle on, pick a post to start and find your next book or adventure recommendation with Two Ivy.

If you have any questions or want more info use the 'Get In Touch' page.