Okay, I will openly admit that I didn't realise this was actually a book before Netflix got its hands all over it. A book I'm still going to have to read even though I have now watched the film.

The film focuses on Vivian, a high school girl who has had enough of the inequality within her school. Her mother, played by Amy Poehler tells her of her own high school days and how they used to revolt against injustices about anything and everything. Vivian decides enough is enough and produces an anonymous zine and distributes it to the school via the bathroom stalls. The zine soon goes viral with girls agreeing with her every word.

The headmistress is apparently blinded and is true to form all about keeping the peace and even goes out of her way to tell Lucy that using certain words creates her 'more work' when she informs her she is being harassed by the high school jock. 

After watching the film I had to google what Moxie actually meant.. and for anyone else currently wondering like I was let me save you the googling. Moxie means "A person full of energy, pep, courage or determination".

The film is well put together with a very clear statement being made, maybe a little too over the top for my liking. Im all for a feminist speech but there are a few to many double standards being acted out in this one for me to fully love it. For instance the film makes a clear play on the fact women are judged on the clothing they choose to wear and how they look, however in the next scene there is a slow-mo shot of a guy wearing no shirt?.. 

My favourite character in Moxie isn't the lead its actually Lucy, played by Alycia Pascual-Pena. Her character portrayal was good to watch and her ideals and quotes really stuck out. She questions why she should put up with the bad boy in school trying to bring her down when all she's doing is every day things. 

"If you keep your head down, he’ll move on and bother somebody else". -Vivian
"Thanks for the advice, but I’m gonna keep my head up…high". -Lucy

I enjoyed the film and the idea of empowering young girls to have a say in the way they feel they are treated. However if your going to make a film, especially one aimed at feminism in this day aand age, its pretty important to make sure your on point throughout the whole thing.