Okay by the time this film had finished I spent the next hour scrolling through facebook weighing up who was a duff in our friendship groups. Cruel? you might think so, but I think after watching the film its not done intentionally, its the way of the world as we know it. 

Bianca Piper has one thing that no one else in her high school has, two incredibly hot best friends.. enter Jess and Casey. The three girls otherwise known as Bianca, Jess and Casey have been friends forever, but little does Bianca know what the whole school really calls her. She's the designated ugly fat friend, The Duff. After a night at a party when her neighbour, Wesley Rush played by the super hot Robbie Amell, clues her in on her title she decides enough is enough. Bianca sets out on a mission, with the help of her academically failing neighbour who she strikes a deal with, to turn things around.

Wesley takes her on a journey of learning how to love herself, how to talk to boys including the boy she's crushing on, how to dress by taking her too a department store where things take a turn for the worst and how to enjoy her first date, all while falling in love himself. 

Two Ivy Review:

I was pleasantly surprised, The Duff is my type of movie, teenage, chick flick, comedy, RomCom. The film is really funny but has that woman power about it that I really like. Where a female lead takes control and says screw you to society, I'm going to be what I am and I don't care what anyone thinks. I think deep down every girl wishes to be like that but society holds us all back, to afraid of what people might think about how we look, what we wear or how we act. The main leads are well played, Whitman remains edgy and smart throughout and the acting is really enjoyable and natural, a true high school scenario. The comedy value for this film is also right up there and anyone who says they didn't try and do the monster voice is a liar. 

An easy watch for a giggle on a Saturday night.