Released: 31st July 2020
Publisher: Bookouture
Author: Drew Davies
Pages: 321 Pages

'How long does a coma last?' I ask. 'Days, weeks, months?' the nurse replies with a shrug, although her eyes are very kind. 'But on average?' She just smiles unable to give me an answer.

With or Without You is bought to us by Drew Davies, author of The Shape of Us and Dear Lily. Neither of which I am ashamed to say I have read, although they have been immediately added to my amazon wish list! His most recent novel is a heart warming read and grips at the strings of our own realities. Testing what we think we would do and what we might actually do given the same circumstances as Mrs Dixit. 

The first couple of chapters I found quiet full on, it was very mrs dixit did this and that and her and her husband are like this or that etc.. I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy it, it felt quiet over loaded with information in third person. But I stuck with the writing style, and by the end of the first couple of chapters was completely engrossed in the story.

The book centres around Mrs Dixit and her husband, who has a car accident whilst at work as a taxi driver, what follows is a story about the struggles of inter racial marriages and the lives of their families or loved ones. When Mr Dixit ends up in a coma after his accident, his wife Mrs Dixit and his mother also Mrs Dixit have to share the same hospital room whilst visiting him, neither of which particularly like each other. 

Whilst Mrs Dixit fights for her rights as his wife and what she considers best for him, she's also struggling with her own life as she comes to realise what a small bubble they actually live in. After she befriends her neighbour upstairs, they embark on a mission to get her husband back. But the two women soon learn a lot about each other and become closer than they imagined. Mrs Dixit, learns things she didn't know about her previously quiet husband whist he is in the coma and realises she too hasn't been living the life she imagined she should have. 

The book is beautifully written and it really makes its reader consider their own lives and how they too are living it. Do we really know the people we are closest too, and what would we do to keep them safe and secure. Davies has delivered a wonderful story with so many twists and turns revolving around different parts of the couples lives. It goes places you wouldn't imagine the story going but ends all wrapped up with a satisfying ending. I like a story to end so that I am left fully understanding what happened, why and what will happen next for its characters even without a further book. Davies has accomplished this with all parts of the story and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. 

I would highly recommend this book as an easy summer read with a wonderful story line. 

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