Released: 17th September 2020
Publisher: Headline Publishing Group
Author: Lizzie O'Hagan
Pages: 368

'Everyone gives their friends advice when it comes to dating, but what happens when it all goes wrong?'

What Are Friends For, is a book set to be released in September written by Lizzie O'Hagan. The book centres around 2 main characters, Eve and Max. Also two sub characters, Eve's best friend Becky and Max's best friend, Tom. When Eve helps Becky try to find a different guy than her usual type on a dating app and Max also tries to help Tom find someone more serious than his usual one night stands, it is clear the two were going to come together. Eve writing for Becky and Max writing for Tom, they equally think their friends match would be better matched to themselves. 

What continues is a story of past and present turmoil for both sides, with different stories behind each character. But when Becky and Tom suggest hanging out as a foursome what could possibly go wrong, with Eve thinking Tom is the one for her from the messages Max sends online and Max secretly falling for the words written on the app to him by Eve, posing to be Becky. 

I really enjoyed this book, I was glad it didn't end up being just another love story. I liked the style in which it is written, how it separates the chapters between different characters. The story is different to books I've read before and I found myself constantly reading another paragraph even when I didn't have time to read. 

The story is very addictive, a little obvious in places, but it still makes you want to read on to find out if what you think is going to happen, actually does. The author has created a story in which two characters who don't think their in love actually are, in a way that I haven't seen written that way before, its a very 'will they / won't they storyline'. 

I really like Eve, one of the main characters, I could really relate to her. Wants to date, but doesn't really know how or if she has the time. Has past dad issues but doesn't let her world revolve around it and supports her best friend no matter what the outcome, even if its not in her own interests.

The author has given the characters plenty of background to keep the reader engaged too, not to much that it is centred around that but enough that you understand their point of view on different topics. 

A great story and a quick read, mainly because you cant put it down once you've started it!

* I received an advanced reader copy from NetGalley but all views are my own *