Released: 23rd July 2020
Publisher: Agora Books
Author: Cassondra Windwalker
Pages: 224

"You can call me Ella. You generally assign me a whole host of other preposterous monikers. I think the least imaginative name I've heard is 'the devil', but I'll answer to it if I must."

Idle Hands is the latest book from Author Cassondra Windwalker, many may not have heard of her like myself, I have only just caught on to 'Idle Hands' via a NetGalley request. The book centres around two characters, Ella, who we come to learn is no less than the devil albeit in real life form and Perdie an abused wife and mother struggling to get through each day of torture at the hands of her husband. 

The italic script paragraphs are cleverly narrated by Ella, the Devil. Whilst continuing the story, these paragraphs give insight into some of the reasons why we do things, that we wouldn't have actually thought twice about. We are taken on a story of Perdie's life and the decisions or choices she makes to best look after the health and well being of her children. I don't want to give to much of the story away in this review as I really did enjoy it, just know that not all is what it seems. If we made a choice in life and were given the opportunity to redo it, but have to live with a fate we knew wasn't right.. would we do it?

Windwalker has given us an incredible story here and I was surprised just quiet how good it really was. I couldn't put the book down and shared on twitter how annoyed I was at one point, to which I even got a response from Windwalker her self. This to me is the best thing for an author, one who interacts with her readers and engages with them and their views on their work. 

If your looking for an engaging read that will have you questioning your own choices then this book is right up your street. 9/10 for Idle Hands! The only improvement I would offer is that it were longer, I wanted to know more about the choice Perdie had made and how it turned out after she did. 

* I received an advanced reader copy from NetGalley but all views are my own *