Released: 11th April 2019
 Publisher: Orion Publishing Co
 Author: Candice Carly-Williams
 Pages: 400

Meet Queenie. Journalist. Catastrophist. Expressive. Aggressive. Loved. Lonely. Enough?

I didn't know anything about this book before I was given it to borrow from a friend, I had seen on her Goodreads she'd finished it but didn't put up a review. We usually have the same taste in books and things so I figured why not give it a go. The synopsis for the book isn't very forthcoming, it tells nothing of the story or what the book is about. 

Intriguing or lacking invitation?

Well I can only say I struggled really hard with this one, I usually like to read pretty much anything but this was just one of the rarities that didn't stick. I couldn't attach myself to the characters or the writing style. At points I was confused where in time I was reading as the chapters change mid way through, noted by a * but unhelpful in knowing weather your in the present or the past. 

I understood the story and what was happening but I just didn't feel engaged with it, whilst reading it I could feel myself becoming more and more uninterested. I felt sorry for Queenie at points but at other times felt she was just lazy and mardy and a bit poor me 'ish. I feel like there was more of a background to her which could have been told or explored and maybe its whats missing from the story I don't know?. 

Unfortunately this isn't a book I would recommend, its a shame as I think there was more of a story that could have been told. In the current climate with the #blacklivesmatter campaign going on, I wanted this book to really support the women, while it does with some things, its more about a girl who gets dumped by her boyfriend and then sleeps with every guy going rather than championing her inner girl power.